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The "Mine Surveying Bulletin" magazine

Subject of the magazine

The special place in activity of "Giprotsvetmet" is taken by publishing. Since October, 1992 the institute issues the scientific-technical and production magazine "Mine Surveying Bulletin". The "Mine Surveying Bulletin" magazine is the specialized edition for mining surveying engineers, surveyors and geologists covering scientific and technical, organizational and legal problems of providing development of mineral deposits and mountain construction works. The magazine publishes information concerning:

  • surveying and geological providing of mountain enterprises;
  • normative documents and instructions on safety of mining;
  • exchange of a know-how of surveyors;
  • scientific researches in the field of surveying art;
  • new technologies, technical equipments, software and progressive methods of receiving, conducting and storage of mountain documentation;
  • legislative base of subsurface use, aspects of development of a subsoil;
  • problems of social security of workers mining specialists;
  • source of raw materials of mining industry of Russia, and also world and internal markets of metals, minerals and fuel;
  • geology of mineral deposits;
  • geomechanics;
  • subsurface use ecology;
  • complex use of minerals.

  • History of creation of the magazine

    The magazine is the successor of a publication of surveyors of the South of Russia "Surveying news" organized by professors W.I.Bauman and P.N.Leontovskiy. "Surveying news" were published since 1910 to 1921. In 1925-1931 the issue was edited by professor I.P.Bukhinik. Till 1936 the magazine was issued in Leningrad under the name "CSRSB News.

    Today the magazine is the publication uniting all surveyors of Russia and using for them deserved popularity and authority. The "Mine Surveying Bulletin" is included into the HCC list and articles published in it authors of dissertation can include in the list of the works. According to the contents and registration the "Mine Surveying Bulletin" corresponds to the level of traditional magazines of mountain profile, such as "Mining magazine", "Non-ferrous metals", "Coal", "Oil industry".
    In honor of 15-years-old anniversary of magazine Presidium of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences on the basis of the decision No.194 of June 03, 2007 awarded it the order "For Advantage to Homeland" the name of V.N.Tatishchev.

    Subscription to the magazine

    The magazine is issued once in 2 months (6 times in a year) the A4 format and up to 72 pages.
    The magazine is sent on subscription to the enterprises, in scientific establishments, organization and individuals on territory of Russia and CIS countries.
    It is possible to subscribe for the magazine in post offices on indexes:
    in the catalog of JSC Ruspress 71675;
    in the Press of Russia catalog 90949;
    in the Urals Press catalog 71675;
    in the ARZI online catalog of E90949. The link to the catalog for a subscription online: http://www.akc.ru/itm/marksheiyderskiiy-vestnik/.

    The subscription through edition is accepted from any current issue. For registration of a subscription it is necessary to transfer into the account of edition the advance payment sum according to the catalog price of the magazine, having specified the exact postal address, and also a position and a surname of the recipient. To send demands and payment orders about the made advance payment by fax (495) 616-95-55 or by e-mail to e-mail: office@giprocm.ru.